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Destiny Etiko won’t like this – Fans reacts as Luchy Donalds’ loved-up video with Zubby Michael



Zubby Michael and Luchy Donalds, popular Nollywood actors, have once again caught the attention of online users with their heartwarming reunion.

Their delightful interaction has sparked curiosity and excitement among fans and social media users.

In the viral videos, Luchy and Zubby exuded genuine joy upon seeing each other again, leaving a lasting impression on those who watched. Zubby couldn’t resist showering Luchy with compliments, admiring her beauty and playfully teasing her, which resulted in her blushing and laughing.

A particularly memorable moment in the video occurred when Luchy playfully turned away from Zubby, giving her backside a slight shake that captivated his attention and prompted even more enthusiastic compliments from him.

Before Zubby departed from what appeared to be a film set, the two stars shared a warm hug, promising to keep in touch through phone calls.

As expected, the video garnered reactions from netizens who took to social media to express their joy and appreciation for the affectionate moments shared between Zubby Michael and Luchy Donalds.