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Cynthia Morgan reportedly arrested for cyberstalking Crown Prince of Benin



Reports have surfaced indicating that Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan has been arrested for cyberstalking the Crown Prince of Benin, HRH Ezelakhae Ewuare.

As you may recall from last year, the Prince had threatened legal action against the singer for accusing him of witchcraft. Cynthia Morgan had alleged that the Prince, her ex-lover had placed curses on her and hindered her from marrying someone else.

Cynthia Morgan.

She detailed her emotional and spiritual anguish, vowing that he would face consequences for his actions. Now, the Prince has initiated legal proceedings against her, citing defamation, cyberstalking, and harassment.

Additionally, leaked WhatsApp messages purportedly from the singer and a video allegedly showing her arrest have circulated online.

Crown Prince of Benin, HRH Ezelakhae Ewuare
Crown Prince of Benin, HRH Ezelakhae Ewuare.

Netizens speculated that the singer is mentally ill and needs attention.

Read some reactions to Cynthia Morgan’s arrest:

blairscene said: “She z mentally I’ doubt biko”

brbsextoy said: “She needs healing ❤️”

iamstepee said: “See what Cynthian Morgan have reduced her self to…left music to be doing this?”

Phil Dubem stated: “What really happened to Cynthia? I honestly thought she’d be the next big thing at one period in time”

Emekaigwe96 said: “Make she go explain herself ????”

Izi Gab wrote: “Things are happening”

Chris Damola wrote: “She should get a lawyer ASAP”