Cubana Chief Priest dumps Rolls-Royce for a bicycle to get fit

Billionaire businessman, Cubana Chief Priest dumps Rolls-Royce, G-Wagon, and other exotic cars as he gets himself a brand new Mercedes Benz electric bicycle to get fit.

He recently took to his Instagram page to unbox the sleek red Benz bike he bought for himself.

Cubana Chief Priest.

While checking out his new wheels, he lamented that he is already tired of his pricey Rolls-Royce, and other cars.

Cubana Chief priest expressed his desire to burn down fat and calories so he can enjoy his wealth for life.

“I’m tired of the Rolls-Royce, the Escalade, the G-Wagon. I need to lose some calories. I need to burn this fat. Make I fit chop this morning for life.”

officialjaypipper said: “Go help your brother wey dey repair phone alaba market jor. I hate seeing people rich and their family members are suffering. And you dey do giveaway anyhow to strangers.”

jectimi_comedy remarked: “Wow chief priest welcome to bike club u need come my house come see my 3 electric bikes ❤️❤️ dis wan u do sweet me at list I’m not alone . If I tel you people sey this bike cost past car they won’t believe ???????? enjoy the ride bro . See as I dey happy bcos I don see people wey like bycicle like me ????”

fortified_priceless said: “The 2 tyre Benz fit buy your boyfriend 4 tyre Benz ????????????????”

alimi_razak_oluwalanumi said: “You wan lose calories you buy electric bike ????”

phrankygram penned: “This cost about £5200 in the UK which is around 10M in Naira”

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