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Burna Boy Didn’t Steal From American Music – American TV personality, Steve Harvey



Steve Harvey, an American television personality and director, has stated that, contrary to popular belief, Burna Boy and other African singers did not plagiarize American music.

He said that African rhythms, rhythm, and soul are more influential in the West, particularly in America.

“People claim Burna Boy stole this, no we stole from Burna Boy. Africans are the beats, soul, rhythm, and hard work that inspire our courage,” the comedian said in a recent episode of his television show.

Burna Boy had in an interview with Apple Music last year clarified that he doesn’t do the popular West African music, Afrobeats but Afrofusion which he said was a fusion of American hip-hop, R&B, soul, Jamaican reggae and dancehall, and African music elements.