Bride faces backlash over ‘unthinkable’ acts during bridal shower

A Nigerian bride sparks outrage on social media following an ‘unthinkable’ bridal shower that includes unexpected activities from a wife-to-be.

An event planner identified as @success_precious_6 on Tiktok shared a bridal shower capturing the gathering of ladies having fun a day to a wedding party.

In the video, the bride and her friends had multiple shots of alcohol, played different fun games, and had a sumptuous dinner, amongst others.

The highlight of the bridal shower was the adult toys and other suggestive acts performed by the bride and her friends.

While many social media users lambasted the bride for the acts, others applauded her for hiding her happiness.

Reactions as bride and friends go gaga during bridal shower

gsabram7 said: “You expect her to act saint cause she’s getting married but you forget she’s marrying someone like her.”

FavouriteCoco2 opined: “Too sexual Nawa oo. The pen!ses is too much.”

jagabanolu said: “What kind of hell is this on earth again? Bunch of stewpid people.”

PearlOluwafunke opined: “When men are together, they enjoy their own privacy alone with alcohol, vibes and that’s It..sometimes they enjoy the party with”strippers”. Now these ones understand the assignment and they did accordingly, have fun & go crazy at least they were alone and no male strippers so????.”

bolabakess wrote: “I love that ladies are always picking friends that match their lifestyle for their parties none will be looking unconnected????????????,awon Omo ire bi iyan.”

Watch the video below …


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