Blessing CEO clarifies why she got married at 18

Controversial therapist, Blessing CEO has clarified why she started dating at the age of 15 and got married at 18, as she speaks on why marriages are crashing these days.

The socialite was recently invited to the ‘ThisIsPop’ podcast where she addressed issues plaguing marriages.

Blessing CEO. Photo source: Google.

She noted that marriages these days are spontaneous, instead of being thorough as they used to be in the past.

Blessing CEO recalled how, in the past, before a person gets married, his or her family goes to the partner’s side to make inquiries.

Additionally, she spoke on how lack of parental love drive girls into seeking it elsewhere.

She spoke on how lack of love at home had driven her to begin dating at the age of 15 till she eventually got married at the age of 18, a marriage which didn’t last.

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ucheelendu said: “Very intelligent girl”

tbabypretty said: “Na y you dey date under aged boy in Unical cheating on Lucky in Ph”

ayzne_ wrote: “She’s absolutely correct on this one, 95% of marriages these days are because of pregnancy Although there are genuine partners who loves them selves deeply”

flotus_wendy1 said: “She’s saying the honest truth regardless what of how u feel about her”

ndukwu_nwanyinma said: “There’s alot of sense in she’s saying take the message and don’t mind the messenger”

ebychytoo said: “This Blessing de coordinate sometimes sha. But if she loose for chain, I no de understand her.. She spewed facts here tho”

esperanzaoleh said: “Blessing is very intelligent”

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