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Big Brother Naija Season 9 to launch soon



  • DSTV Nigeria teases the launch of Big Brother Nigeria Season 9 with a hint at an intriguing twist.
  • The official caption suggests a departure from the previous All-Stars theme, sparking anticipation among fans.
  • The newly released poster features a cryptic phrase, “Mirror Mirror, who is Biggie looking for?”
  • Social media is abuzz with speculation as fans eagerly await further details on the unique twist.

DSTV Nigeria has teased the launch of Big Brother Nigeria Season 9, hinting at an unexpected twist that is set to captivate viewers.

The announcement came through the official DSTV Nigeria page, where they posted a cryptic caption, sparking speculation and anticipation among fans.

The post read;

“Last season, Biggie asked for the All-Stars. This time, he has his eyes set on something different. What could it be this time around?

The reference to the previous season’s All-Stars theme suggests that the upcoming season will deviate from the norm, promising a unique and exhilarating experience for both participants and viewers.

Adding to the intrigue, the newly released poster for the upcoming season features a enigmatic phrase.

“Mirror Mirror, who is Biggie looking for?

Netizens Reactions…

@Homcy_Lin said; “Let’s go biggie.”

@mosvinbami said; “Let’s go ????????.

@EmaazDr said; “I WANT TO COME O.

@crco said; “Ahhh another BBNaija so soon?

@doZieofficial2 said; “Oya na let another games Begin.”

@OfficialAdeloye said; “We are waiting, but how are we in diaspora gonna watch?.”

@KatingsLigit said; “We are ready ????????????.”

@WizzyCrux said; “We’ve been starved for a long time.”

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