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BBN Angel Smith Opens Up on Desire to Get Pregnant in June



Angel Smith, a prominent figure in reality television, has taken to social media to share an unexpected revelation.

In a sincere declaration, she has expressed her fervent aspiration to embark on the journey of motherhood in the upcoming month.

Furthermore, she has disclosed her specific wish to bring forth a child who will be born under the astrological sign of Aquarius.

Renowned for her candidness on various online platforms, Angel Smith has now unveiled her plans to conceive in the near future, thereby indicating a timeframe for the potential arrival of her cherished offspring.

“I want to get pregnant next month so that I can have an Aquarius baby,” she wrote, sparking curiosity and excitement among her fans and followers.

The announcement has caused a flurry of reactions online, with many wondering if she has already found a partner or if she plans to pursue solo parenthood.

Angel Smith’s enthusiasm for motherhood has resonated with her audience, and many are eagerly waiting updates on her journey to parenthood.

Reacting to the post;

@Kelebzah4ndsif said; “Gurl you’re supposed to be like 6 week already if you want to have an Aquarius baby.”

@Uyaififi01 asked; “You’re pregnant already?.”

@Fj__Ng asked; “Aquarius baby?, A baby for the Greek gods?”

@OluchukwuO10492 said; “I can’t wait abeg.”

@finessephayvour said; “Angel you said you didn’t want to have kids before????:”