Aunty Ramota’s online hubby, Lande, sheds light on her trending BBL video, says its no prank

Renowned content creator Ijoba Lande has come out to shed more light on the viral video of Aunty Ramota undergoing BBL.

Lande made a daring step when he resorted to social media to angrily defend his innocence and distance himself from the viral video showing Aunty Ramota being admitted to the hospital on an emergency basis for secret treatment.

Lande vehemently denounced any hint of complicity or prior knowledge regarding Aunty Ramota’s crucial choice to get BBL surgery.

Ijoba Lande, Aunty ramota’s online husband

Lande disclosed information and contacted five different people who were rumored to be close to Aunty Ramota in an attempt to learn more about her condition following surgery.


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