Anambra native doctors tie Junior Pope’s death to 20-year-old movie

A Facebook user in a recent post claims that native doctors in Anambra revealed that the river is angry with Junior Pope due to a movie they shot 20 years ago, hence his death in the river.

This post surfaced online hours after the Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, was reported to have died in a drowning incident.

Actor Junior Pope.

In the shared post, the user claimed that the incident involving the actor might have occurred due to their failure to appease the river deity, angering the river.

The statement reads: “According to the ritual performance, the native doctors of Anambra state said that the river is angry with Junior Pope because of the movie he shot 20 years ago titled ‘ARA NWANYI ASABA.”

They said that the river is the ‘ARA NWANYI ASABA,’ and as they shot the movie, the river’s anger has been revealed since they were angry with the filmmakers.”

“Please, if you know you were among those in this movie, it’s better you quit acting and not go near the water.”

Me too, I pray I should not shoot a movie that will make spirits angry, I swear. Spirits don’t forget something, imagine 20 years ago.”

“And because of this, a body has been seized from the river until they bring two cows, male and female. I said something is behind this.”

In reaction to the claim, concerned individuals stormed the comment section of ... to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Eleojo: “I remembered this movie nwayi Asaba but I no know if na 20yrs ago, even that man that posted this guys corpse is in the movie.”

king John1990: “Nigerians please ???? leave the guy to rest in peace who buy TV for the wetch the guy was not ft in the movie ara nwanyi asaba.”

ANCESTOR: “Is a lie him nova even dey act film when they shot ara nwayi asaba,, which kind lie be this na ehh.”

Cassie: “I don’t doubt him the woman that acted the ara Nwanyi asaba lives in my formal street every night we no Dey sleep.”

Single: “Na power way our ancestors go find be this,all this water power our ancestors find,now see wetin e Dey do,no mercy killing one’s.”

AlienPrince: “Nah for Netflix spirit watch the film or where? and if I may ask, the spirit dey pay NEPA bill? if no, how then did the have electricity to watch film 20yrs back? Abi Ogun wan kpai this one?”



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