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Actress Ruth Kadiri shares how Regina Daniels, her mom and others stayed till 3 am trying to save Junior Pope



  • Ruth Kadiri, Regina Daniels, and other movie stars, along with her mother, fought until 3 am at the hospital to save Junior Pope.
  • Nigerian actor Junior Pope passed away in a boating accident, leaving a deep sorrow in the industry.
  • Upon his discovery, he displayed signs of life until he gave up the ghost at the hospital.

Renowned actress Ruth Kadiri shares a heartfelt story about how she, Regina Daniels, her mother, and other celebrities battled to save Junior Pope in the hospital till three in the morning.

Following Junior Pope’s tragic death in a boating accident, it was a sad day for the Nigerian film industry.

It was learned that he was still showing life signs when he was discovered and that he passed away in the hospital.

Ruth Kadiri disclosed that she, Regina Daniels, the mother of Reginal Daniels, and several other celebrities stayed at the hospital until three in the morning in an attempt to determine whether Junior Pope could be saved.

Bemoaning the death, she observed that many people in the entertainment and film industries make great sacrifices out of passion, but sadly, passion cannot save lives.

She said:“My heart is broken… as producers, as filmmakers we all are Guilty of taking certain risks for this job! Infact getting home at 3am is almost a norm in this business… I cannot throw stones, I cannot as ask why! this is a call to reminder that passion doesn’t save lives… JP! May God receive your soul! And grant your family the heart to bear the loss!
Special thanks to @emekarollas our president @regina.daniels @vivyan.gabriel and Regina’s mum! You where at the hospital at 2/3 am trying to see if anything can be done! Fighting for the last chance to save JP! God sees your hearts… sadly his journey ends here. God help us all????”