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20 Movies That Deserve 5 Rewatches And Maybe Even More, According To Netizens



I don’t usually rewatch movies. I might rewatch a film if the concluding part is particularly convincing, or if the film is particularly lovely. However, even an incredible film rarely receives more than one viewing from me.

Examples of these movies include Fast & Furious, The Prestige, 40 Minutes, Inception, Shutter Island, and. While I wouldn’t mind seeing them again, I don’t want to put them on.

But there are a few movies that I can watch again and again. Few films make that list for me, and those that do aren’t always terrific films, just well-made and enjoyable.

The characters, acting, cinematography, story, stakes, and language all work together to captivate me and keep me watching. 

Recently, Redditor u/Sam_Holmgren took it a step further and asked, “Which movie have you seen more than seven times?”

Fellow Reddit users submitted several movies that they adore and have most likely watched far more than the average person. Here are some of them and other movies that deserve 5 rewatches and maybe even more.

1. Jurassic Park.

Universal Pictures / Handout: GettyImages

“Why do we spend so much time with stories we already know?” Robert N. Kraft, Ph.D., writes in a devoted piece for Psychology Today. “The most obvious reason for rewatching a movie, series, or episode is that we appreciate them. And the same reasons we liked a show the first time still apply when we watch it again.”

In their study, researchers Cristel A. Russell and Sidney J. Levy state that “re-consuming can be an extraordinary experience, filled with the emotional luxury of delight, novel sensations, and intellectual insight.” Or is it possible that the majority of the films in this collection date back to a time when there was less variety in the media?

After all, the less content, the more distinctive it is. Football is perhaps the biggest illustration of this, with seventeen regular season games, each of which is truly unique. Just agree, it’s difficult to push oneself to re-watch a movie when there are thousands of films and shows available on Netflix or other platforms!

2. Conan the Barbarian

20 Movies That Deserve 5 Rewatches And Maybe Even More, According To Netizens
Image Credit: @r/midjourney: Reddit

—u/TheNakedMars: “Sandahl Bergman in Conan was special.”

 —u/JRsFancy: “The odd thing about [Sandahl’s] performance in Conan the Barbarian (1982) is that much of it was almost embarrassingly terrible, but she had that one captivating soliloquy (‘Let someone else pass by in the night…’) that garnered her some well-deserved reputation as an actor. I immediately have the impulse to insert a well-worn VHS video into a dusty, ancient player…”

3. Die Hard.

20 Movies That Deserve 5 Rewatches And Maybe Even More, According To Netizens

It is probably symbolic that only four films were awarded the Oscar for Best Film of the Year (although The Lord of the Rings has enough statuettes en masse for nearly half the list, but these are all details), demonstrating how popular opinion frequently differs from the viewpoints of Academy members. The process for the creation of popular devotion is so surprising and unpredictable that it’s difficult to foresee the iconic status of any given film.

4. Casablanca

20 Movies That Deserve 5 Rewatches And Maybe Even More, According To Netizens

Casablanca is the archetypal romantic film, with a fantastic story, great characters, and some of the best lines ever spoken in film. And, no matter how many times you’ve seen it, you’ll want to see it again.

Don’t let the fact that it was released in 1942 set you off. It lacks the glitter and dazzle of modern films, yet it contains all of the charm required to captivate and enthrall you from beginning to end.

5. Pride and Prejudice

20 Movies That Deserve 5 Rewatches And Maybe Even More, According To Netizens

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It begins with people taking d***s, but as the movie progresses, you learn more about excess, disillusionment, and the American Dream. Then d***s again.

6. Iron Man

Iron Man. It was the inspiration and driving force behind my decision to attend college and pursue an engineering degree. This is a really special film for me. I saw the opening night with my father as a kid in 2008, and it left a lasting impression on me that you can build anything you desire while still helping others.

7. The Fifth Element

Gaumont Film Company: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International

—u/Nulaak: “The Fifth Element is one of those films that is enjoyable to watch every two to three years. I am very sure I’ve seen it at least seven times.”

—u/BanjoPanda: “I’m in my 60s, so I’ve seen a lot of great movies more than seven times, but The Fifth Element is still my go-to, and it never fails to entertain.”

8. Shrek 2


u/Karla_Aparicio: “When my family and I moved into a new house about a decade ago, we went a week without cable or internet. My sister put Shrek 2 on the day we moved in and would watch it all day — even at night to fall asleep. I must have seen that movie at least 20 times that week, and I am not even furious about it. I still appreciate the movie and have not grown tired of it.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Image Credit: Disney

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Is this a Halloween movie? And that question is what makes this film so fantastic.

I adore Tim Burton’s ingenuity in The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the art style is simply stunning. It is an animated masterpiece. Anyone who dislikes this film has a cold, dead heart. Cold and dead!

10. Labyrinth (featuring David Bowie).

Regardless, many of us find ourselves in situations where we, for the hundredth time, launch an old movie on TV, desktop, tablet, or even phone, and with bated breath, we follow the adventures of heroes we recognize, repeating lines and catchphrases we know by heart.

Films that we will wholeheartedly suggest to our children, and we will be overjoyed if they share our tastes one day. Films that are fantastic to share with friends—why not share them in the comments section of this post?

11. The Shawshank Redemption

Image Credit: PHOTOFEST

Over several years, two criminals develop a friendship, seeking consolation and, finally, atonement through simple kindness.

12. Star Wars

Image Credit: StarWars Movies

u/nightwing2000: “Certainly, Star Wars (also known as Episode IV). I saw practically every show when it first came out in theaters in 1977. I believe I saw it 11 times over a two-week run at the local small-town theater, then again when it was re-released. Plus, however many times on HBO, and now, I have the [DVD] set.”

13. The Hateful Eight 

—u/berntgeo: “The Hateful Eight is the movie I’ve seen the most in my life. I love it, but it’s more because a surprising amount of people never gave it a chance, and it’s one of the best movies to just drop on friends and family who don’t know, completely raw and contextless. Everyone I’ve ever shown it to loved it and was engaged in the stellar cast and whodunnit angle.”

14. Up in the Air

Image Credit: @Mohammed Nabeel: LinkedIn

Up in the Air is highly underrated—not by critics, given that it has a 90% Rotten Tomatoes rating and multiple award nominations, but by ordinary people like you and me.

Too many people have never heard of it, which is a shame because it is both humorous and heartbreaking. George Clooney, Anna Kendrick, and Vera Farmiga show unexpectedly nice chemistry on screen, and the picture is extremely beautifully edited.

If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it and then rewatch it.

15. The Mummy

Image Credit: Amazon

Hollywood no longer produces action-adventure pictures like The Mummy, which is a shame because the film is excellent.

Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz deliver outstanding performances, and despite some clichéd moments, The Mummy is simply enjoyable to watch.

It’s the ideal popcorn movie for a leisurely summer night when you want to switch off your brain. 

16. Twister

Image Source: Amazon

Twister was big in the 1990s. Nobody outside of Tornado Alley knew what it was like to live in a tornado-prone area at the time, and this film gave us all a taste of that exhilaration.

Twister is a blockbuster film written by Michael Crichton, produced by Steven Spielberg, and directed by Jan de Bont. The personality will not stick with you, but the experience will make you want to return.

17. Harry Potter

Image Source: Tvtropes

Yes, I understand that the Harry Potter films are far from flawless in comparison to the novels, but I still enjoy them. There’s something about these flicks that makes them enjoyable to watch, even as they become darker.

Harry Potter is an easy rewatch every year, thanks to the main trio (Harry, Hermione, and Ron), the exotic individuals we encounter along the road, the beautiful whimsy of the wizarding world, and the satisfying self-contained aspect of each film (save for the last two).

18. Rush Hour

Image Source: @Matt Brunson

Rush Hour is a classic action comedy. There is lots of excellent chemistry between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, lots of funny situations, and loads of amazing action choreography. It has been nearly twenty years since its release, yet it still holds up nicely, and the sequel, Rush Hour 2, is also good.

19. Mean Girls

One of the funniest and most memorable comedies of the 2000s. There is a lot to enjoy about it, particularly the performances of Rachel McAdams, Lizzy Caplan, and Amanda Seyfried….

…but most importantly, the positive aura that surrounds the underlying drama. Extremely watchable, with loads of chuckles each minute.

20. Wedding Crashers

Image credit: Rearview Mirror:

I’m slightly biased here because Wedding Crashers was the first raunchy comedy I ever saw and enjoyed. But even after numerous rewatches, I still think it’s as funny as the first time, so I’m quite sure rose-colored glasses have nothing to do with that.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are an excellent pairing, while Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher are always a pleasure to watch.

Which movies would you include on this list? Please let us know in the comments below!