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“You did the starving; I did the schooling” – Lady appreciates her father for sponsoring her education



In an emotional video which has grabbed attention online, lady appreciates her father for sponsoring her education as she wears him her graduation gown.

The university graduate showed gratitude to her dad for all he had done towards ensuring that she’s educated.

Lady father appreciates education
Graduate and her father.

She revealed via the caption that her father had strived hard to the extent of starving, just to ensure that she gets a proper education.

In the emotional video the lady shared on her page, she wore her father her graduation gown, and relaying via her caption, she noted that he deserved the gown more than her.

Her words …

“Dear Daddy You did the starving And I did the schooling. You deserve this Graduation gown better than me”

@????????Valentine???????? stated: “First time seeing a girl in this generation that appreciates her dad for once. God bless you dear ???? ❤️????”

@@bleezzy✅ commented: “On my graduation day I won’t even invite my dad only my mum and big brother. If my dad come uninvited i will embarrass him.”

@Tommy-n said: “As you remember to appreciate your dad and wore him this gown and cap ????, so shall God wear you a cap ???? no man will remove”

@Nutifafa Love wrote: “The best ever graduation I’ve ever seen. Fatherhood is proud you Dad”

Watch the video …


I made sure he wore the gown first before me‼️????❤️#viral #fypシ #trending #tiktoknigerianigeria????????

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