Why Mohbad was taken to the hospital on a bike – Mohbad’s wife continues her testimony

Wunmi, the wife of late singer Mohbad, speaks on the reason why the singer had to be taken to hospital on a bike as she gives more details into events that led to his demise.

Mohbad’s wife appeared before the coroner in Lagos on Tuesday to give an account of the events that led up to the day her husband, Mohbad, died.

Late Mohbad and his wife, Wunmi.

She had stated that he sustained injury as a result of his fight with his friend, Primeboy. In further narration, she revealed that when they got home, it was not until 48 hours later did they have a nurse home to treat his injuries.

“He (Mohbad) did not go to hospital sake of reasons which I will still later discuss. That Monday (11 September), he noticed that I did not really follow him talking because of the way he behaved on Sunday when the fight happened.” He begged me not to be angry before he came to show me the hand that hurt him”

“I ask am say make we go hospital but im no gree. I come apply rub for di side of di wound but no be very deep one. Na by imsef e tok say nurse go come. As nurse come, she check di hand before she come give am (Mohbad) tetanus injection.”

Mohbad wife hospital bike
Late Mohbad.

She stated that the nurse which came was called by their neighbour “Spending” because Mohbad’s nurse wasn’t around.

In further narration, she said that she left the nurse and Mohbad together and entered the kitchen, since she left something on the fire, and when she returned, she heard the singer telling the nurse to remove the injection because of how uncomfortable they were for him.

Additionally, she mentioned that before the nurse began work on him, she and Ajisegiri Sultan Ayobami ‘DJ Bami’ informed the medic about his ulcer condition so she can be careful of the kind of injection the nurse would administer.

“When Mohbad was feeling uncomfortable, DJ Bami and the nurse left to get something. As he was feeling uncomfortable, I entered the room and saw him on the ground and there I knew something serious was happening.”

“I run out to go find help becos mechanic still dey repair Mohbad car. I dey shout for help, until I go knock di gate of our neighbour wey come help us carry di body. As we dey go na im we jam traffic (hold up).”

In her testimony, she explained that the driver touched Mohbad’s hand and declared that it had gotten cold, and this made her leave the car immediately to get a bike to take them to the hospital.

She said …

“The driver said his hand was cold, who quickly came down to find a bike that would carry him reach hospital because the traffic that day was not too moving. The photographer is with us and they carried Mohbad on a bike reached the hospital while me I carried another bike followed them in the back.”

“He’s outside because I wasn’t allowed inside the ward where the body was carried in and few minutes later, I was told he was dead. I couldn’t believe he was dead and I quickly called his cousin Darosha (brother to Mohbad’s mother) to come because I still couldn’t believe what the doctor said. Darosha come carry him to another hospital,” Wunmi said with tears in her eyes.