“Why it is ok to outgrow friendship” – Tonto Dikeh advises

Nigerian actress and politician, Tonto Dikeh has advised that it is okay to outgrow friendship that is no longer beneficial.

The actress-turned-politician shared a viral message to her fans, telling them not to be discouraged.

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh wrote on Instagram that friendship can be outgrown when the visions of both parties no longer align.

She reminded those going through such a phase not to be discouraged because it is a necessary element of growth.

The actress advised her followers that not everyone is entitled to the same amount of experience, and that they should instead trust their instincts when doing things.

Tonto Dikeh

Her post reads: “Its ok to outgrow friendship that no longer align with who you are evolving into.”

Captioning her post, she wrote: “Don’t feel guilty…..IT’S CALLED Growth Not EVERYONE IS ALLOWED TO EXPERIENCE YOUR LEVEL..Sometimes we don’t know it but the universe does and orchestrates the break on your behalf.TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.”