Why I’m hiding my new husband – Korra Obidi dazzles in wedding gown, says she remarried in Las Vegas

Korra Obidi has surprised Nigerians after sharing her reason for hiding her new husband whom she allegedly married in Las Vegas.

In an unexpected turn of events, the popular Nigerian singer and dancer revealed that she tied the knot for the second time.

The news of her secret marriage came as a surprise to many, as she had previously announced that she was taking a break from relationships.

Obidi made the announcement in a viral video, where she expressed her happiness and excitement about starting a new chapter in her life.

In the video, Korra Obidi explained her decision to keep her new husband’s identity a secret from the online community.

She expressed her concerns about the negative impact of online scrutiny on her previous marriage, which ended in a messy divorce.

Determined to protect her second marriage, Obidi made it clear that she would not allow the online community to have the opportunity to ruin her happiness once again.

Korra Obidi’s alleged remarriage marks a fresh start for the talented dancer. After going through a challenging divorce from her ex-husband, Obidi is embracing this new chapter in her life with strength and resilience.

Despite the unexpected nature of her second marriage, she is determined to make it a success and prioritize the happiness and well-being of her family.

See the video below: