Why I’m happy about Mr Ibu’s leg amputation – Native doctor opens up about actor

A native doctor has shared the reason he’s delighted to see Mr Ibu going through severe health issues.

The traditionalist claimed that Mr Ibu’s current situation is a result of his alleged involvement in a fake miracle orchestrated in partnership with Pastor Ebuka Obi of Zion Ministry.

The traditionalist, in his statement, questioned why Mr Ibu is seeking financial assistance from the public instead of turning to Pastor Ebuka Obi for help.

He suggested that the actor should seek assistance from the pastor to restore his health, highlighting his satisfaction with Mr Ibu’s current predicament as a form of retribution for assisting in what he perceives as a clout-chasing endeavor.

He said; “Mr Ibu Ntorr, a while back you Partnered with Pastor Ebuka Obi of Zion Ministry to do a Fake Miracle. Now you are pasting your account number for us to help you. Why can’t you go to Pastor Ebuka Obi so he can put your leg back. I like what is happening to you since you helped Pastor Ebuka Obi to chase clout.”

Recall that Mr Ibu’s family recently revealed that one of his legs has been amputated to preserve his life.

The incident has led to a broader discussion on social media, with individuals expressing skepticism about the genuineness of certain religious leaders and their purported miracles.

@dr_jaxckson reacted: “Harsh, but he is exposing religious scams.”

@eby_dinero said: “And we go use sentiment for his reasoning shaa… He might be right though.”

@omalichawa_ commented; “Some Igbo people are actually their own enemy..u can never see a Hausa man behave this way towards his brother that is sick don’t get me wrong igbo people are actually good people.”

@saintavenue_ent1 reacted: “Make God bless every parents, keep Dem alive to raise dia kids properly. Teach dem love / empathy.”

@real.ibrahim.aliyu said: “In as much I’m trying to be careful with my, the boy is not far from the truth.”

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Just In: “Mr Ibu Ntorr, a while back you Partnered with Pastor Zion Ministry to do a Fake Miracle, Now you are about to end up in a Wheel Chair” – Nigerian Native Doctor reacts to news that Veteran Actor Mr Ibu’s leg was amputated!!! ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????

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