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“Why are you afraid?” – Reactions as lady calls out nurse sister-in-law for insisting on DNA test



A Nigerian lady reportedly calls out her sister-in-law who is a nurse for forcefully taking a sampling from her child with the intention of conducting a DNA test.

A video making the rounds on social media captured a woman with a baby trying to use a swab on the child for the purpose of getting a saliva smaple.

"Why are you afraid?" - Reactions as lady calls out nurse sister-in-law for insisting on DNA test

The mother of the child, however, captured the video while accusing her sister-in-law of going beyond boundary and interfering in her marriage.

“Your nurse sis-in law. Insist to do a dna testing for your baby boy,” the caption on the video stated.

The post has since generated a wave of reaction as many condemned the nurse while others cautioned the woman to allow the DNA test if she had nothing to hide.

Reactions trailing nurse sister-in-law doing swab test for DNA

fashion_magicblog siad: “Doing DNA is not wrong but if you are a faithful wife and somebody decides to do DNA for your children you will feel somehow.”

nickkylawve penned: “Women should stop getting afraid of DNA. But then how is it the sister’s inlaw business? ???? is her husband not man enough?”

kesterrozay noted: “Why are you afraid of DNA?”

elvisprislly opined: “She must have her reasons tho ,you can’t blame her if she knows or seen the bros wife doing dirty in the past.”

fekomi wrote: “lol the Yoruba adage says ‘only a thief knows how to trace the footsteps of another thief.’ You gerrit ? ????????.”

Watch the video below …