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“When you marry, you will know sex without romance exists” — Soso Soberekon



Famous record executive, Soso Soberekon sparks a wave of reactions as he highlights a point in marriage when sex happens without an ounce of romance.

The music personality who made headlines after gifting the sum of two million naira to the son of late singer, Mohbad got people talking following a perspective about marriage.

According to Soso Soberekon, despite how romance during sex is a considerable factor in making matrimony fun, sometimes, the coitus with the same individual comes without any emotions attached.

He added that it’d simply feel like a chore without commitment or effort sometimes.

“Na when you marry you go know say sex without Romance exist , you go just hear turn…… Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Let’s sleep ????,” he wrote.

“When you marry, you will know sex without romance exists” — Soso Soberekon

His take has since generated a wave of reaction leaving many with deniability while others could completely relate to the idea.

Reactions trailing sex without romance in marriage claim by Soso Soberekon

xabelpower said: “To have a pleasant s#x life,avoid walking around naked,when you get use to something it get tiring.. remember he is a man before he is your husband ???? learn to build solid friendship that will always keep you in each other arms.. love and light always❤️.”

orjiobi penned: “This is only true for unhealthy marriages. For healthy marriages, you make love and not have sex. #Period.”

cravingsdelight_ opined: “I reject this kind of marriage o.”

cynthiakerendian wrote: “Am just seeing God forbid and Tufiakwa everywhere ???????????????????? anyways until then ???? I wish you all well.”

chibbz_01 noted: “God please may this never happen to I and my spouse. Hope we always desire each other truly.”