“We couldn’t sleep in peace” – Lady hides to put off neighbor’s generator for leaving it on from 6 am to night

A lady has shared a video showcasing how she hid to put off her neighbor’s generator after he left it on for over 12 hours, causing them to lose sleep.

The lady was upset with her neighbor’s noisy generator which was making it impossible for them to get a decent sleep. She lamented over the fact that they couldn’t get a peaceful sleep because of the noise it kept making since they were living in the same compound.

;ady neighbor's generator
Lady puts off neighbour’s generator.

The video she shared showed her moving furtively and hiding from the window until she got to the point where the generator was set, and then put it off.

She captioned the video …

“How person go on generator from 6am till night? We can’t sleep in peace so we decided to turn it off.????”

Check out reactions which followed her putting off the generator …

wallflower said: “what if he works remotely and he needs the light?? people saying she should use salt is quite extreme”

mimi of abj remarked: “laugh no go gree me do dis kind thing if i off the gen finish nah there i go sit down de laugh????”

Okelola adesola shared: “Walahi this is me and my sister ????????????our neighbor gen suffer for our hand with salt ????????????????”

praizgraphics asked: “what if the person is working from home and he needs electricity”

Watch video below …


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