Video of lady kneeling, shedding tears after meeting Moses Bliss for first time in UK pops up

Amidst the ongoing uproar of actress Ekene Umenwa, another video has shown a lady in UK not only kneeling but also shedding tears after meeting the Nigerian gospel singer, Moses Bliss for the first time.

It would be recalled that a wild controversy had ensued after a video of actress, Ekene Umenwa kneeling to Moses Bliss made the rounds on social media, eliciting different views.

Moses Bliss and his female fan.

Many had condemned the act, buttressing their argument on the fact that it was her wedding day and shouldn’t have been seeing doing such in the presence of her husband.

A new video which surfaced online shows a lady who’s a fan of Moses Bliss, kneeling to him.

It was gathered that it was the first time the lady had seen the singer during an event in the UK.

Cakesbylonpe wrote: “But it’s okay when people go for concerts, see their fav artist perform and almost go mad.. A lot of people have mentors, celebrities, etc that they love and the way they react when they see them differ.. it’s okay not to be the one who will go crazy seeing someone who you admire but don’t say hurtful things to/about other people.”

sexyvalgram remarked: “Na Moses bliss dey reign this week o”

Rachaelle said: “This video was even before Ekene’s wedding”

bobbymayanna opined: “If only African women can give their husbands half of the respect they give to their pastors, many broken homes would still be intact today.”

vheek stated: “Nigerians are not ready, Una go talk tire, I can’t wait to meet moses bliss, I’ll roll on the floor on that sweet day!”

Watch video below …