Video of flooded apartment rented for N2 million shocks many

A video has surfaced online showcasing a flooded apartment rented at a substantial annual cost of N2 million.

A video shared by @PulseNigeria247 has caused a stir online, with people expressing disbelief and concern about the terrible living conditions.

The short video provides a glimpse into the distressing state of the apartment’s compound, submerged in water, with the interior equally waterlogged.

The flood seems to have gone higher than the ground and almost reached halfway up the walls.

The location of the flooded apartment remains undisclosed.

“How can you pay 2 million for this apartment?,” the video caption read.

The lack of details surrounding the apartment’s whereabouts has left many netizens questioning the exorbitant N2 million annual rent, with some suggesting that the property may be overpriced considering its current state.

The video has quickly gone viral.  Social media users have flooded the comments section with a mix of surprise and humour, emphasizing how ridiculous the situation is.

Netizens Reactions…

@cc_onugwu said; “Wow. “No need of going to swimming pool God is wonderful .” 

@ma_azi_1 said; “Free swimming pool from parlour to master bedroom, nothing beats this for real, no more walking.”

@IamBlaccode said; “Why won’t it get people talking… Forget the occupants of this apartment have just rented a swimming pool and I hope they have swimming suit and can swim on a daily .”

@OgooPrincewill1 said; “Is very risky to have electricity in such a situation.”

@pseudo_lord said; “Because it comes with swimming pool nah. “It has to be expensive.”

@MrBeejayy said; “I think the offer is good especially with the free indoor swimming pool .”

@x7stargeneral said; “On one hand, it’s disheartening to think about the vast inequality that exists in our society. The fact that some individuals can afford such a luxurious apartment while others struggle to find a decent place to live is a stark reminder of the disparities that persist. It’s a reminder of the privileges and opportunities that some are fortunate enough to have, while others are left behind.” 

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