“True talk, 100%” – Man wins hearts, advises against dating girls between 18 and 23 years of age, many agrees

A Nigerian man has garnered agreement from many people on TikTok as he points out why fellow men shouldn’t engage in any form of intimate relationship with girls between the ages of 18 and 23.

The TikTok user, Jukwaese, believes that many girls in the above-mentioned age bracket are not ready for a serious relationship, and therefore, they tend not to commit to one person for long.

Nigerian man. ( For illustration purpose)

He goes on to add that these girls, aged between 18 and 23, often do not know what they want; they enter relationships for fun and excitement, which is why men should avoid becoming involved with them at all costs.

His statement has generated reactions on TikTok, with many people taking to the comment section to express agreement and highlight the validity of his points.

See some reactions below:

Raw prince carders: “‎True talk 100%.”

????????????????: “‎You’re saying the truth 1yeye 22yrs girl i dey toast after collecting gift and my time anytime she’s bored she’ll call me den I unbored her wit story.”

Rose_pearl: “‎this age range you mentioned are supposed to be in school or just graduated.”

coolblac_k: “‎not wasting of time .. but the help in curing konji when the time to marry reach we go know.”

[email protected]: “‎my brother you are 100% right some of them at 30 the don’t know what they want.”

super pascal: “‎I no dey take under 23 years old girls serious ,those once na for fun.”

TOCHi Tochyno: “‎my problem with this guy is that he drops update late… haaaa… well even 28yrs now no even won settle down.”

Ezenilo Divine458: “‎Am 22 and I date just to cure my konji. I have like 3 gf as I speak. I no de date for love. Maybe when I’m ready for marriage then I’ll start do love.”

Deputy: “‎You can only find serious girls from 28 up….. from 25 down is ashawo and hungry girls… always hungry when you ask them what they ate.”



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