Ruth Kadiri Bows to Pressure Shows Off Her Husband Face After Hiding Him for More Than Five Years

Ruth Kadiri Ezerika, a Nollywood actress and filmmaker, has sparked controversy after finally succumbing to pressure to show off her alleged husband on social media.

Ruth Kadiri, who has been hiding her husband’s identity for the past 5 years of their marriage, released a video that got many people talking on the TikTok app.

The mother of two lovely daughters shared intimate moments with her alleged spouse, and many are unsure whether he is her friend or husband.

Some claimed the video was just a moment with her friend while a user identified as Abacha wished she could hide the relationship more.

Abacha wrote, “I wish she would hide it more. I love how private her life is but I understand when a woman is too happy that she wants everyone to feel that happiness too.”

Yesterday, Ruth Kadiri penned sweet words to celebrate herself and her husband on their 5th wedding anniversary.

She shared a photo of a joined hand on her Instagram page to mark another year with her playmate. The mother of two who had always ‘hidden’ her husband from the public eye, wrote a lovely caption to accompany the linked hands.

Ruth Kadiri noted that she couldn’t have wished for any other person in the 5 years of their marriage, stating her happiness and peace had been derived from being married.