Queen Dami defends her lover, Portable over assault allegations by Young Duu

Queen Dami, ex-wife of late Alaafin of Oyo, has defended her lover, Portable against his former signee, Young Duu.

The up-and-coming player said that the Zazu crooner dispatched his “boys” to attack him, and that he suffered severe injuries as a result of their actions.

After leaving the singer’s Zeh Nation label, Young Duu, who has been at odds with the artist, urged Nigerians to caution his former boss not to hurt him.

In response to his accusation, Queen Dami disproved the claims in a press release posted on her Instagram page.


His managers claimed that his accusations had no merit and were made on purpose to damage Portable’s reputation.

As per his management, Portable is doing well and getting ready for his tour to Russia and the UK.

Young Duu

The press statement reads:  “Our attention has been drawn to the allegation made by Yungidu against Portable that he was beaten by some boys sent by Portable.”

“We condemn in the strongest terms the said allegation as it is completely without any substance and it is deliberately designed to tarnish Portable’s industry reputation.”

“We urge all Portable’s fans to completely disregard such blatantly false allegation as we are briefing our Lawyers to take appropriate action with the authorities to address this situation.”

“We further wish to state that Portable is in a good state and already preparing for his TOUR due in Russia and the United Kingdom.”

“By our findings, we are not unaware that such malicious allegation is a well designed plan by Yungidu to trend on the industry reputation of Portable in a bid to promote his soon-to- be released song.”

“To all Portable fans, we appreciate you for your constant and continuous supports.”

Signed: Management_”