“Plenty dollars in Nigeria?” – Lady wows many, uses big broom to sweep $50, $100 bills sprayed at wedding party

A lady has caught the attention of many people as a video shows her using a very big broom to sweep the $50 and $100 bills believed to have been sprayed at a wedding party by the invited guests.

In the video, the lady can be seen amidst many other ladies, picking up the money scattered on the floor just after the event.

Dollar bills at wedding party.

While other ladies present were focused on picking up other items, one specific lady could be seen using her strength to control a big broom, which she used to sweep the dollar bills closer to her side for easier packing into a bag.

The lady’s action sparked reactions in the comments section, with one individual asking if such an amount of dollar bills is available in Nigeria.

Here are some reactions below:

Edward Ofosu Adjei: “‎so these plenty dollars are in Nigeria?”

Cynthia baby006: “‎Wow. It can’t only be in Nigeria. Ghana no dey spray money for wedding.”

Halley Assy: “‎Funny how some of you don’t even know it’s dollars.”

Mama Jan: “‎If it’s real money or not I still tap into this blessings in Jesus name Amen may the good Lord bless your new home.”

mrs_taylor4: “‎may some of this money locate me in Jamaica in jesus name.”

huxo1: “‎I love how she stayed to pack her money. it’s what I can do.”

Rosemoza: “‎Oh my God! May such Grace locate me Dear God..The Money Lord,the Money!”

Jessica posh: “‎This is how I will park money next year.”

Jessica posh: “‎This is how I will park money next year.”

7dressesug: “‎The only charity work I can do, yes, sweeping.”

Nana Esi: “‎Not what i am thinking ooh coz i am sure that is the money that they use in movies that ooh coz eeeih.”



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