“Please don’t do tattoo” – Man pleads after suffering severe skin reaction

A young man pleads against the act of getting a tattoo as he shares the condition of his hand after inking his fancy designs.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the excruciating state of the hand of a tattoo lover who ended up with a skin reaction.

"Please don't do tattoo" - Man pleads after suffering severe skin reaction

The procedure supposedly gotten from an unqualified artist turned into a sore leaving the man’s skin in a worrisome condition.

Sharing the video, he urged upcoming tattoo lovers to avoid the path so as not to end up in the same condition as he is.

“Guys pls don’t do tattoo again hand,” he wrote.

Reactions trailing aftermath of man’s hand after getting tattoo

teenuola said: “He went to get some cheap tattoos from an untrained artist with fake machines. Now see the result.”

_omololade penned: “Hold your tattoos artist Abeg even with my sensitive skin I didn’t have any injury ????.”

adenims_stitches said: “Omo I feel for him ooo!!! Money that you are meant to use for food !!!”

rah_ma_ht opined:”Na you go do Cheap tattoo,wey dem use axe draw????.”

gracciellaayuk stated: “You don’t need to put yourself through this much pains naaa, life is already hard. Please before you do anything count the cost and also always remember that they are things you can do without ???? I pray your hands gets better.”

Watch the video below …