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Nigerian man kills wife barely a year after relocating to the UK



A Nigerian man has been arrested after killing his wife and the mother of his three children barely a year after relocating to the UK.

According to the deceased woman’s brother, as shared on Facebook, the Suffolk police have identified the husband as the sole suspect in her untimely demise.

Additionally, he disclosed that his sister’s children remained in the UK and are now under the care of the country’s social services.

The Facebook post also provided insight into the profound impact of the sister’s death on their mother, hinting at the emotional toll the tragedy has taken on the grieving family.

Nurse Owoeye Taiwo Morenikeji
Late Nurse Owoeye Taiwo Morenikeji

Owoeye Alex Adekunle, in the Facebook post, wrote;

“This is to officially announce the painful Exit of my dear sister, Nurse Owoeye Taiwo Morenikeji, married to Abodunde David Olubunmi of Ipoti Ekiti.

According to Suffolk Police in the UK and the available documents/records sent to us via mail/ direct conversations from the UK Police, after thoroughly conducted investigations, despite been caught in the act, he (the husband) was declared the sole murderer of his wife (my sister). And for the children, they are currently being taken care of by the UK social services.

On this note, I want to tell the entire member of Owoeyes’ family, to stay calm (though painful) ¹as justice will be served on the killer in due course, be rest assured. I want to thank UK Govt, Detectives Peter, Amy and the hired Private investigators, as well as the Nigeria Embassy in London for their professionalism.

To the Onigogo of Igogo -Ekiti and Sons and Daughters of Igogo, with alots of our friends especially in the UK, we say thank you for your efforts so far. To the people that came from far and near to console, we appreciate.

Hmmmmm, To my Mum, though it’s an irreplaceable loss, please take heart (though not easy), it’s only God that can console you devinely. To the entire Amuludun dynasty, please NO to derogatory post, Calm down as we await his trial in the Court of the Uk. Thanks for your understanding……. Owoeye Adekunle G, for the family.”