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“My daughter gets teased about the beads she puts in her hair” – Sophia Momodu



Sophia Momodu has shared a distressing event where she discovered how her daughter, Imade Adeleke was teased over her hair beads.

She posted a video of a youngster being teased at school because of her curly hair on her Instagram account.

Sophia was reminded by this video of a similar event she and her daughter had gone through.

Sophia related how a student of a different race had once made fun of her daughter because of the beads in her hair. Imade was saddened by this incident to the point of tears.

As a result, Sophia decided to speak with the girl’s mother directly, a move she said had a long-lasting effect.

Sophia said that she still exchanges glances with the other mother while she is at school, even though she and the classmate eventually made up and are now friends.

Sophia raised awareness of the importance of instilling kindness and self-love in young people through her tale. She voiced alarm about what she called a “pandemic” of compassion, the increasing lack of kindness.

Responding to a direct message criticizing her for confronting the bully’s mother, Sophia explained her reason. She believed that speaking to the mother was necessary since the child was too young to fully understand the implications of her actions.