“Mr Ibu has lost his leg” – Verydarkman reports

Activist, VeryDarkman has reported that the leg of veteran Nollywood actor, Mr John Okafor Ibu’s has been cut off.

He took to his Twitter page to break the sad news with fans on the net.

Mr Ibu's leg amputated VeryDarkman

VeryDarkman noted how, despite the fact that people had worked hard, garnered fund to prevent his leg from being amputated, the feared outcome still came.

Speaking further, he highlighted that what had led to this outcome was that Mr Ibu didn’t have people around him – family inclusive.

According to VeryDarkman, everyone had wanted to exploit his condition for their benefit.

Mr Ibu's leg amputated VeryDarkman
Mr ibu.

VeryDarkman added that they actor still needs support, and this time, he needs both prayers and love from his fans.

Watch video below …