Mohbad’s widow testifies before coroner, recalls singer’s last moments

The widow of late Afrobeats musician Mohbad, gives her testimony before the coroners inquest at Lagos as she speaks on the singer’s last moments and what happened at the Ikorodu concert.

Mohbad’s widow, Wunmi appeared to give her testimony on Tuesday before the coroner’s inquest which sought to establish how the singer had died.

Late Mohbad and Wunmi.

In her explanation, she revealed that Mohbad began complaining of discomfort after the nurse had injected him in his room.

“When the nurse injected him, he stated that he felt uncomfortable. The nurse came around 1:00 pm on Tuesday and his hand had begun to swell as that time,” the wife said.

She said that the singer had sustained the injury as a result of his fight with his good friend, Primeboy, on Sunday night 10 September at Ikorodu Town Hall and since the injury had been a minor one, he decided not to go to the hospital.

In her testimony, Mohbad’s widow stated that he had arrived at the Ikorodu concert at about 7:00pm on 10 September 2023 and delivered his performance around 9:00pm. However, as they tried to leave the show a lot of fans gathered around and this made it difficult to see a road to take to leave the venue.

“He (Mohbad) wanted to leave when he finished his performance but everywhere was blocked. He told his friend Prime Boy to go and tell his brother (Adura Aloba) to tell bouncer that their car wanted to leave but they said we should wait for another artiste to perform finish.”

“It was Prime Boy who came complaining that why would Mohbad’s brother act rude to him like that saying that Mohbad should do something but Mohbad said that he can’t discipline his brother in public. By that time, Mohbad was really angry sake of saying them.” have delayed it for over two hours and everything that’s happening.”

She stated that while the argument between Primeboy and Mohbad was ongoing, she was sitting in their middle, and this made Mohbad come down from the car and go to the other side to fight him.

“It’s in the middle of it and my husband came down because he was upset that Prime Boy was calling him ‘Promise’ which he didn’t like being called outside.”

“As he turned to the other side of the car to meet Prime Boy, I quickly called the other people in our second Prado jeep to settle the argument but I didn’t know what happened during the fight go on because I’m not expensive,” Wunmi said in court.