Man stuns many as he shares ‘Precious’ stones he found in Jos

A Nigerian man in the North-Central state of Jos, has discovered precious stones that have left Nigerians divided over their true identity.

The stones, which have not been conclusively identified, were showcased in a video clip shared on X (formerly Twitter), sparking curiosity and speculation among both experts and netizens.

The video, posted on X by the user @NigeriaStories, opens with a caption.

He wrote;

“This was found in JOS, Nigeria. Experts, do you know what this is?”

The footage features an unidentified man laying out the rare black stones on a piece of cloth, employing a local tester to demonstrate their unique capabilities.

To further verify the stones’ properties, the man used an industrial tester.

The exact nature of these stones remains shrouded in mystery, and no consensus has been reached regarding their identity.

Man stuns many as he shares 'Precious' stones he found in Jos

The video, which has since gone viral, has ignited a fervent debate among Nigerians, with numerous theories and speculations circulating on social media.

While some individuals suggest that the stones could indeed be a form of rare and valuable material, others remain skeptical and await a thorough analysis by experts.

Netizens Reactions…

@0x_CyberSec said; “They’re called “Intermetallic elements” + their alloys, such as sulfides, oxides & nitrides.”

“They are often photoelectric when exposed to light, hence develop an electric charge. These intermetallic elements include selenium, gallium, gadolinium & silicon (used in solar panels).”

@Rivacruz18 said; “This is a vibranium stone mostly found in Congo atm a kilogram of the same rock can be used to supply power to a house of two bedrooms for at least two months and it can help in also lighting up a bulb up to 72hrs. “I go still find this stone for my papa farm I go figure am out.” 

@orioninc_ng said_; “You’re about to invite Russia, Israel, China, America and Germany to Jos.”

@_kabiruharuna said; “This has been discovered in Nigeria no be today. People still think Nigeria only has oil in Abundance. No be my mouth una go hear say horse get four legs.”

@DrJHHyat said; “Looks like Molybdenite. “We have solid minerals in abundance in my State and we welcome investors, but kidnappers dey worry shah. “

@betty_nwabunike said; “And you are posting it for the so-called??? To come and start digging, have not looted enough. “When will our masses have sense that when you see things like these you use it to develop your village?”

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