Man shares video of free fairly used household items he found on UK street; items cause buzz

A Nigerian man caused a buzz online after sharing a video of free items he stumbled upon while walking down a street in the UK, which included a bed, shelf, washing machine, baby cot, and various fairly used household items.

The young man, who goes by the handle @demo_uk, playfully claimed to have “rented” a house that required furnishing, taking to the streets to showcase an array of discarded furniture and appliances found curbside.

In the video that quickly gained traction on social media, @demo_uk can be seen filming various items, including beds of different sizes and even a colt, all left abandoned on the side of the road.

With a lighthearted tone, the funny man emphasized how easy it appeared to be to furnish a home in the UK simply by picking up some of these discarded items.

Many viewers in the comment section have shared their agreements and personal anecdotes about experiencing this phenomenon themselves.

Netizens Reactions…

@LittleTornFella said; “So na all this stuffs dem de carry come naija as UK used stuffs.” 

@Ahmzzywillmakeit said; “So na condemn you dey do for London.”

@Dahmola said: “Sha dont take bedbugs home.”

@God’s_favorite said; “The apartment I just moved into is fully furnished until I realized the landlord in the uk sent dumps to furnish the whole house!!”

@B Tyler said: “I dey get pickups for my working place wella for east London.”

@bunmiuyi said; “Abeg where Una they see those things because since when I they Sunderland I never se anything oo.”

@Jade replied; “Na your go dey for rich man area.” Warbaby said: “Who Dey Nigeria go think say na you put the things for there, then go think say na skit.”

@Oyede Gbenga said; “Wahali, na to buy van begin recycle business, find container, everything naija ya.”

@Queen_Temi said; “Why do I feel all those things they ship to Nigeria from UK are actually picked on the streets.” 

See below;


Everything you need to furnish your apartment is on the street of London ???????????? #fypシ #funny #storytimewithdemo #comedy #bedbugs #skit #uktiktok #london

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