“Life of an understanding girlfriend” – Lady enters boyfriend’s car boot after his friends occupied car seats

In a video which surfaced online, a girlfriend is seen entering a car boot of her boyfriend after the car seats were occupied by his friends.

The caption revealed that the guy and his friends were about going out and the lady insisted that she must tag along.

"Life of an understanding girlfriend" – Lady enters boyfriend's car boot after his friends occupied car seats
Girlfriend entering car boot.

Since the car seats were all occupied, she decided to make herself comfortable in the car boot.

She could be seen entering the car boot after which the guy tried closing the boot cover.

In reaction, council_man said: “Work hard oo , make your pikin no dey do rubbish”

teddy_bear32323 said: “Make police con stop una for road check booth Na that time una go know say werey Shey yin Cause you go explain taya”

ayam_kvng_sholay wrote: “My brother hustle well o work hard o make your daughter no con dey follow ofo people up and down”

cremedolly wrote: “The girl dosent love herself , the cannot love her like he should because she dosent even love herself to start with”

Watch the video below: