Leaked chat between Nadia Buari and lady caused buzz

A leaked chat between popular Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari, and a lady has caused a serious buzz online.

TikTok user, @iamnancynadine, happily shared her story of reaching out to her favourite celebrity, actress Nadia Buari, through persistent messaging.

Despite initial setbacks, Nadine continued to send messages, hoping for a response and a chance to connect with her idol.

Her determination and unwavering belief in the power of connection ultimately led to a surprising outcome.

Through her consistent messages, Nadine managed to capture Nadia Buari’s attention. The actress not only responded with lovely messages but also formed a friendship with Nadine.

The TikToker’s joy was evident as she shared a video of the heartwarming moment when she met Nadia in person, capturing their tight embrace.

The encounter served as a testament to the power of following one’s heart and not giving up on dreams.

She wrote; “POV: you sent that one message to your favourite celebrity they told you it’s a waste of time, now you’re friends.”

Nadine’s story resonated with netizens who have been attempting to connect with their favourite celebrities without success.

Inspired by her journey, many have been seeking advice and guidance on how to make meaningful connections with their idols.

@sunlight commented: “I have been chating Nicki Minaj since 2019.”

@Ice queen reacted: “How did you start the message entry.”

@Sop Hieya said: “I don message wizkid taya.”

@bgurl季的 said: “@STARGYAL hasn’t reply me in ig and Snapchat, but I will forever love her.”

@Jennifer Collins reacted: “I have been on Damon Salvatore of the Va.mpire dairies.”

@Pearl reacted: “Okay tips on what to msg! make I go msg Regina now now!! How you type the hi or hey small or capital letter.”

@décembre fairy said: “I can’t relate because Nketiah has refused to open my dm.”

See the video below:


This is a sign to always follow your heart and not listen to people, because you really never know. #fyp #foryou #viral #nadine

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