Lady stuns many as she digs up her mother’s old photos, shows how hot she was years ago

A lady has stunned many online after sharing her mother’s old photos, leaving netizens in awe of her captivating beauty during her younger years.

Regina Beboski, the daughter behind the viral sensation, took to TikTok to share a video showcasing her mother’s stylish and attractive photos from the past.

The video has quickly gained the attention among countless users. The lady hopped on the TikTok trend in which users show photos of their parents when they were still young.

Regina Beboski who was one of the many TikTokers hopped on this trend, unveils a side of her mother that she hadn’t known before.

In the video, Regina reveals that her mother had shared stories of rejecting numerous suitors during her younger days, stories that Regina had initially dismissed.

Lady stuns many as she digs up her mother's old photos, shows how hot she was years ago

However, the photos Regina discovered quickly convinced her that her mother had been an absolute knockout.

The photos depict Regina’s mother in an array of fashionable outfits that were clearly ahead of their time. Her dress in the old photos looked stylish and attractive.

Netizens Reactions…

@liyah21 said; “Your mama nah real Gen Z baddie.”

@Kelajames said; “So all clothes wen we dey wear don go before or we are repeating them?

@Sucsy Ben said; “Later they go want advice us after them don live their life finish. She’s so beautiful.”

@Vanessa commented; “Why my mama no dress like this. My mum dey do classic lady with different colours of suits.”

@Mimi said; “Can we all agree we have our winner now?”

@la_confessor reacted: “Ok, can we give her the crown now?”

@Kimberly Richards said; “Why is nobody talking about her cute smile now?” 

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