Lady shares horrible message she received from NEPA official after breaking up with him

A lady has shared a screenshot of the unexpected message she received from a NEPA official after ending their relationship.

The lady with the handle @just_me_ekoh took to TikTok to share a screenshot of the WhatsApp message she received from her ex-boyfriend who works with NEPA following their breakup.

The message was a threat that she would sleep in the darkness that night.

The message reads; “If you no sleep for darkness this night call me bastard.”

It caught the attention of viewers with its bold and somewhat comical claim. The unexpected nature of the message left netizens amused and curious about the ex-boyfriend’s intentions.

@symply starrr reacted: “You sleep abi you no sleep.”

@corlix said: “If u da my area abeg go beg cos me I wan use light sleep ooh.”

@Dami reacted: “I don see the reason why we no get light for 2 weeks now.”

@pix commented: “Honestly I just understand why we no get light for past 2 weeks now I don’t see bro NEPA at the tailor sister shop anymore since then no light.”

@successfulfranka… reacted: “Na nepa he b no b God.”

@nah l’d win said: “I want to be like him when I grow up.”

@Kam reacted: “I don die.”

@Nancy luv commented: “Omo open window sleep, you fit open door sleep.”

@DARKFLAMES reacted: “U dey alakhaia for portharcourt??? cause we never get light for some days now.”

@Olorunlonshomi said: “E sure for the werey if dem go see light for their house?”

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