Lady in shock as she goes to hospital for stomach ache, receives due date for her baby

A lady on social media has shared how a woman went to the hospital following stomach ache complaints but was given a due date for pregnancy she didn’t know she was carrying.

This news was posted on social media platform, X, by @Jollz, a popular influencer on the App.

According to her, the woman had no idea she was pregnant as she was even making use of birth control.

She said; “This babe went to the doctor because she had a tummy ache and was told her due date was the following Monday. She was still having periods, her stomach wasn’t huge and she had an IUD. I would have PASSEDDDDDTTT out”

This information has shocked many people on the internet, while some have explained the phenomenon, calling it a cryptic pregnancy.

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Lady receives shock of her life, goes to hospital for stomach ache, receives due date for her baby

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@LeryQuess said: “This thing isn’t funny. I’ll name that child “omokomo” fr. Cause why ??”

@amaratomi wrote: “One of my greatest fears is having a cryptic pregnancy. God forbid it ijn.”

@NobleBenz said: “This story is somehow because it’s literally not possible for someone with an IUD to be pregnant especially when she was having her period . IUDs are highly effective at preventing pregnancy. Hope this helps.”

@banky_xo said: “Someone might have to “calculate” to know the father.”