#IsraelGazaWar: PRP Calls For Adoption Of Recommendations Of Oslo Accord

#IsraelGazaWar: PRP Calls For Adoption Of Recommendations Of Oslo Accord—The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has called for the adoption of the recommendations of the Oslo Accord in order to end the carnage in Gaza.

National Chairman of the PRP, Mallam Falalu Bello, made the call in a statement in Abuja on Tuesday.

The two accords, Oslo I and Oslo II, were agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) signed in Washington, in 1993 and in Taba, Egypt, in 1995, respectively.

Bello said that the international community should address the crisis by implementing the proposed two-states solution to the problem.

“The People’s Redemption Party (PRP) is pained by the ongoing genocidal carnage taking place in the Israeli occupied territory of Gaza and the West Bank, both in Palestine.

“As a Party dedicated to the pursuit of peace and justice both at home and internationally, we call for an immediate cessation of hostilities and human rights abuses presently ongoing in that  territory.

“In this regard, we urgently call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to liaise with other governments, the United Nation Organisation, the African Union and other multilateral bodies to insist on an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza war.

“By implementing a humanitarian pause, all parties can gain an opportunity to assess the extent of the damage, ensure the welfare of affected civilians and facilitate essential medical services, humanitarian aid, and access to basic necessities.

“This respite will also allow for a conducive environment to discuss a comprehensive roadmap towards a negotiated settlement, considering the legitimate aspirations and concerns of both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.”

Bello further said that the “PRP believes that a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essential for global peace and security.

“As advocates for peace, we stand for justice and equity which are key vehicles for peace and harmony everywhere, and we urge the Nigerian government to play an active role in achieving a humanitarian pause and advancing efforts towards a two-state solution.

“The Nigerian State proudly did what we are asking for against apartheid in South Africa and should repeat the same against apartheid in Palestine.”