“Is it normal?” – Man raises alarm after waking up severally to see particles of sand on his bed

A young man has raised an alarm on social media over the mysterious sand that he sees on his bed everytime he wakes up.

@mirexmoses took to social media to express his confusion and concern about the presence of small particles of sand on his bed each morning upon waking up.

The phenomenon has left him puzzled, wondering if it is a normal occurrence or if there is a deeper explanation behind it.

The revelation by Mirexmoses has triggered a wave of reactions from netizens. Some users have suggested that it may be due to environmental factors such as dust or sand particles entering the room.

Others have offered humorous explanations, speculating that Mirexmoses may have a secret beach party in his dreams.

@therealvivienne_ reacted: “Una Dey craze for this comment section. Everything is not cruise. Una Dey disguise una illiteracy as cruise. If this was a white man’s page, you’ll see reasonable comments and even learn a few things. But open Nigerian comments you’ll loose brain cells trying to understand what kind of human beings you guys are. If you don’t know something won’t you shut the hell up?”

@_ nifemee reacted: “You don Dey go small small.”

@mabel_ug said: “Try Dey dust leg before you climb bed, also clean your ceiling and ceiling fans (I.e if you have any).”

@next_autos said: “From dust we came, from dust we shall return, do wetin you wan do with this advice.”

@beautybyrmd reacted: “The spiritual wife no dey clean leg before she climb bed na why.”

@skyboy_omd said: “All of you na Olodo…this thing is common.”

@olori_teema said: “Maybe he sleep walks at night to the beach and he’s not aware, let him set camera over night, he’ll find the answer he’s looking for.”

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