I’m a man, I dressed like a woman so as to get help – Viral disabled hawker Eniola spills

Eniola, the viral crippled hawker from Osun State, has revealed that he is a guy, not a woman.

Eniola, who has been a hot topic online, revealed this during an Instagram live session on his official Instagram profile.

Yesterday, November 8th, 2023, netizens unearthed images of Eniola, confirming that he is a man who disguised himself as a women.

Eniola rose to prominence because skitmaker Brain Jotter observed him hawking water on the street and, as a result, handed him N400,000 so that she could quit hawking and focus on her beauty business. He pretends to be a female at the moment.

However, evidence circulating online following the development indicated that Eniola was given N600,000 a month ago, but he still comes out on the street to blackmail people with his disability, as stated by Brain Jotter.

Eniola reveals, without guilt, that he is a guy and not a woman in an Instagram live video.

He also stated that he dressed as a lady in order to obtain assistance from the public. He went on to say that he had been hustling for years and that no one had ever assisted him.

Watch the video below;