I will rather donate my kidney to Ned Nwoko than my father – Regina Daniels

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, says she would rather donate her kidney to her children’s father, Ned Nwoko, than to her father.

During an interaction, actress Regina Daniels was faced with a challenging question regarding kidney donation.

She was asked to choose between donating her kidney to her father or her husband, Senator Ned Nwoko.

Regina’s response reflected her deep consideration for her children’s well-being.

Regina Daniels explained that as a mother, her priority is ensuring that her children have their father in their lives.

She expressed her willingness to donate her kidney to her husband, emphasizing the importance of her children growing up with both parents.

In her words; “As a mother, I will donate my kidney to my children’s father not because he is my husband but because I don’t want my children to grow without a father.”

Her thoughtful decision resonated with many, highlighting the significance of family bonds. Netizens flooded the comment section with praise for Regina Daniels’ intelligent response and selfless mindset.

They commended her for prioritizing her children’s happiness and well-being above all else.

The actress’ thoughtful consideration in the hypothetical scenario showcased her dedication to her family.

@chachaekefaani said: “Gina, you are super intelligent and your response is apt.”

@ifunanyaigwe.kmj reacted: “This question is a nightmare oh tank you my sis Gina ure super intelligent.”

@sweet_queen_debby said: “Regina is full of wisdom.”

@bigboldjenny reacted: “Wow Gina.”

@etih_alero commented: “I love how you made the emphasis MY CHILDREN’S FATHER… Nothing can measure up to mother’s love…you are a woman filled with wisdom…@regina.daniels.”

@debbylicious reacted: “So much embodiment of wisdom you carry @regina.daniels.”

@officialharvey said: “Smart girl.”

@ace_comedy_skit said: “A very smart and intelligent being @regina.daniels.”

@parteker_ said: “I swear you too smart.”

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