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“I have fine daughters” – Woman quickly informs half castes as they greet her in Igbo



A viral video online shows the moment a woman gets surprised to hear half castes speaking her native language as she informs them that she has beautiful daughters.

The caucasian boys visited her shop to make videos with her.

Half castes Igbo fine daughters woman
Half castes and Nigerian mother.

She was surprised and impressed when she realized that they knew how to speak Igbo fluently.

She quickly revealed to them that she has fine daughters back home, if they’d be interested in matchmaking them.

@Simple boy said: “she has a beautiful daughter ooo????”

@Lucie???? wrote: “Wasted no time ????????????”

@Emmanuel Chekwas remarked: “As she just reach house she will be like, “Nkechi my daughter come and sit down lemme tell you something that happened at the market today” ????????????”

@kally commented: “She went straight to the point ????????”

@Nita ????????♥️ wrote: “na my mama type be this woman ????????????????”

Watch video below …


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