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“I don’t want my husband’s money to waste” Simi shows off her expensive grills, reveals her New Year resolution



Simi, a Nigerian singer, has finally revealed her grill to her millions of fans.

The photo delighted her fans, as she stated that she never wanted to show it off because the majority of her inner circle told her it didn’t fit her. But she doesn’t want her husband’s money to go to waste, which is why she’s flaunting it.

Simi went on to reveal her New Year’s resolution, which is to change her friends, while gushing about her new look, which she claims makes her look goofy.

“I never posted this because 80% of those in my circle said that grill does not fit me (my new year resolution is to change my friends), but I love how goofy I look ???? and I don’t want my husband’s money to waste.

I advise you to comment carefully. Actions have consequences”.

Simi isn’t the only celebrity who has gotten grills this year.