”I can’t be intimidated or bullied”- Abu Salami reveals following alleged arrest by Davido

Abu Salami has stated unequivocally that he will not be intimidated or bullied by Nigerian music sensation Davido.

He demonstrates that he is not easily intimidated, emphasising his determination to see this lawsuit through.

The dispute began when Abusalami claimed Davido owed him 218 million Naira for a football project. Despite the financial agreement, Davido allegedly did not fulfil his half of the bargain. Abusalami publicly chastised Davido, causing a heated exchange of words between the two on social media.

The situation deteriorated further last week when it was revealed that Abusalami had been apprehended by authorities.

There was speculation that Davido’s powerful upbringing and superstar status were utilised to frighten him.

According to leaked chat messages, Davido intended to pay the bill, but his father advised against it, advising that the matter be addressed in court.

This fueled speculation that Davido’s legal team might have an advantage in court.

Davido voiced his shame about the public dispute, claiming that Abusalami had been so forthright in airing his grievances. He admitted that the scandal had ruined his happiness of welcoming his twin babies with Chioma.

Abusalami, on the other hand, provided a different perspective, stressing that he was not arrested but was hauled in for questioning by police.

Their conversation allegedly included subjects such as cyber threats, harassment, and bullying. Abusalami maintained his innocence, saying he will not be intimidated or silenced.

He restated his resolve to pursue the 218 million Naira he believes is rightly his, explaining that he is battling not only for himself but also for the footballers under his care who rely on him. Abusalami also thanked his supporters, including his family and those cheering him on, and stated that he would not back down.