I Am Tired Of Those Seeking For Spiritual Service Without Paying For It, Said By Humanitarian Spiritualist.

The secretary of the national Association of alternative medicine practitioners in Nigeria urged those seeking for free spiritual health services to turn over a new leaf.

The national secretary made the remark while addressing a group of alternative health care providers in Ogun state. According to the spiritualist. He has been rendering 45 percent of his services free to the under privilege seeking for spiritual solution to their problem.

He said he can no longer render free health services to people because the cost of spiritual materials are very expensive due to the prevailing economic situation of the country.

The spiritualist who has been in the vanguard of providing alternative health care to people infected with various kinds of ailments in the country said his free health services will stop henceforth due to high cost of spiritual materials.

He advised those seeking for free spiritual health care to ensure they armed themselves with money in order not to be taken aback .According to him he has been helping people particularly the less privilege in the society for a long time on serious spiritual health challenges.

Chief Dr Ohanu spiritual home, phone or WhatsApp 23480, 8807, 7395 is noted for dependable and reliable spiritual health services for over the years. Many people came for spiritual health services without a Kobo in the past. They failed to realize that spiritual materials are cost effective and unaffordable due to the high cost of things in the market.

As an humanitarian spiritualist he rendered free services to them when they complained of lack of money. The life of human being is very important and one of the basic ethics of the rules of engagement is to save life first, but many of those seeking for spiritual health care have severally abuse the privilege.

He urged his patients to come with money for such services as he can longer afford free health services to them. What is your take on this can drop your comment below in the space provided.