How politician tried to use my song “War Coming” to destroy Nigeria – Rapper Eva Alordiah

Nigerian Hip Hop star, Eva Alordiah, has shared her encounter with a politician eight years ago that made her conclude they are not interested in good governance.

She recalled dropping ”War Coming” in 2014 and getting a call from a well known politician in Abuja who informed her that he wanted to use her song for political reasons.

The female emcee said he invited her to the nation’s capital so that the song can be used for campaigns at the time because it embodies the message they were trying to pass that ‘war is coming’.

Eva said her interaction with him made her realise that the powers that be want to continue to suppress and bury the voices of the poor masses.

Eva Alordiah war coming

In her words; Hmm! This is super story. 8 years ago I received a strange call from a politician in Abuja. Nothing in my existence prepared me for this random call.

When my phone rang, I remember staring at the called ID not knowing who it was. I usually don’t pick numbers not stored on my phone. But, I also like to think that business can come from anywhere.

Plus, I had just dropped this song “WAR COMING” and was in the middle of promotions.

“Hello, is that Eva?” the voice on the other end was marinated with entitled familiarity. I hesitated, waiting for him to say something other than prying for confirmation that it was me.

He proceeded to introduce himself. I recognized the name, but my brain could not immediately register his face.

“Hi, good evening,” I said, already itching to get off the phone. There was cackling and chatter in the background.

“Good evening Eva. I’m here with so and so, he’s a big politician here in Abuja and we were just watching you on TV! He wants to talk to you.” His excitement was annoying.

A politician watched my music video and now wants to talk to me? Wonderful! How important had I become?

“Oh thank you,” I managed to say.

“Eva Eva! What a fantastic musician you are, I must say. We just watched your music on the telly now. War is coming or something like that. Wow wow wow. Fantastic, fantastic.”

Oh! That’s what this was about?

“Thank you, sir,” I said, a small smile spreading my cheeks.

After the compliment had nestled itself in the squishy soft spaces behind my chest, my brain began to do the math. Why would a politician deem it necessary to let me know he liked my music? What he said next completely caught me by surprise.

“Good good! This is what we need right now. We need this kind of music to let them know that there is War. And we are ready for them. Yes, yes, this is the kind of music that will put them on their toes.” His voice trailed off into a laugh that itched my ears.

I wanted to tell him that the song WAR COMING was not about the type of war he was speaking of. But silence had sat in a corner of my throat holding my words captive.

“You should come to Abuja so that we can make plans on how to use this song in a campaign.” He continued, “This is a big hit! Very good. Well done. When I saw the video I said, yes she’s very good!”

“Thank you,” I said.

When the conversation ended, I sat beside myself and hoped to God that there was no actual war coming, in this life or the next. I did not want to be a prophet of doom. That song was 8 years ago. It is 2023 now, who am I kidding?

In my home country Nigeria, the powers that be continue to suppress and bury the voices of the poor masses. We are prisoners of a silent war in our own land. A war that utilizes control, division, tribalism, religion, and programmed poverty to destroy its people.

For the past several weeks we have been witnessing firsthand the hate and evil that’s happening in Gaza. These genocidal attacks are heavily sponsored by the same people who print Bibles, Holy books, and distribute the shackles of organized religion far and wide.

The same people who actually run your economy while your leaders play public service, hanging like puppets on a string. That makes you wonder what kind of world we live in, doesn’t it?

If you’re watching what’s going on all over the world today, it’s time to think outside the box they’ve caged you in.

Here’s what I understand for myself: This world is the hell they speak of. And the kingdom of heaven is within you. That is the War that is coming. The fight for your Soul.

Everything in this Matrix has been set up to have you focus your Life force and Energy externally. Your life force, your Chi, your conscious awareness, your ATTENTION, this is your true power.

The plan is to stop you from going WITHIN, from asking questions, from finding Truth. Because if you know WHO you are, how can they control you with their propaganda, lies and programming?

Wake up ????️ 11:11.