“God will judge you for how you treat your partner” – Solomon Buchi

Media personality, Solomon Buchi has spoken on the reason why God will judge people for how they treat their partners.

He revealed his strong conviction that people will eventually be judged by God according to how they treat their partners in a post that was shared on Twitter.

Buchi discussed the idea that before assuming duties as husband or wife in relationships, people should first acknowledge themselves as God’s children.

He espoused the idea that a person should treat their partner with great care and respect, stressing that they should be cherished as valuable people rather than as possessions.

Solomon Buchi

He went on to say that people ought to treat their partners in relationships as though they were tending to them on behalf of God, reflecting the compassion and love they would expect to receive from a divine presence.

Solomon Buchi wrote: “God will judge you for how you treat your partner. They are first God’s children, before they are your husband/wife. You don’t own them, you’re taking care of them for God. Do it well. Do it like God will like it done.

“Before marriage, people make babies by going close to the opposite sex Imao, but in marriage, you’ll plan, you’ll eat healthy, reduce this and that, exercise, and it dawns on you that making babies in marriage can become a chore.

“If I never had to work again in life. I’ll love a big family! Probably 6 kids. But there’s work that takes time, so we’d do half of that. Lol.”