Final year student killed as herdsmen attack Benue community

Suspected herdsmen carried out a deadly attack on November 6, 2023, in Mbaayaar village, Anyiin, Logo Local Government Area of Benue State, killing three individuals, including a final year student from Taraba State University.

Details surrounding the horrifying incident remain limited and incomplete at the time of this report.

However, it has been ascertained that in addition to the three fatalities, several others sustained injuries during the attack.

One of the victims has been identified as a final year student from Taraba State University, who had been visiting his family in the area.

Cassidy Nwane, known to friends as “Cassidy,” tragically lost his life in the attack, leaving his loved ones and friends in shock and mourning.

A close friend, Barreal Tee, expressed the profound impact of Cassidy’s loss on social media.

Tee fondly recalled their shared experiences as teenagers during their secondary school years, reminiscing about the moments they spent together with other friends in the Mkar Quarters.

He wrote;

“Cassidy Nwane! As I normally calls you. I’m Speechless, weak and confused. Immediately Usha broke this news to me this morning I shouted No! But in my mind I said nowadays once they pronounced you dead you’re gone.”

“Your last word to me was yesterday but I didn’t know that was the final word for me to hear from you. I flashed back wen we were still teenagers during our secondary days I, Bemdoo, Marshall, Shagba and Cassidy we used to came around during weekend to spend it together at Late Rev Tornande Adure (Then) Assistant General Secretary NKST World wide @ His Residence Mkar Quarters before he won Logo local government council Chairman.

“You have been more than a Friend to me sacrifice, Support, and encouragement you gave me even wen I entered University of Mkar wen you were still at Mkar is uncountable. A promising vibrant young man Very Jovial a Final year Student at Taraba state University as someone who loved family and friends so much you just came home last week to check on your love ones. Then I just received a shocking news of my life that you were killed by herdsmen yesterday . I’m writing this with tears. Rest In Peace bro.” 

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