Female soldier causes buzz as she gives birth, wraps her baby in military camouflage

A female soldier, who recently became a mother, captured the attention of many viewers by sharing a delightful video featuring her adorable baby in military camouflage.

TikTok user @kaxandre7 took to the platform to introduce her newborn child to the world, and the video quickly went viral for its touching content.

In the video, the soldier, who is known by her TikTok handle @kaxandre7, can be seen beaming with happiness as she holds her cute baby in front of a house.

What makes this video particularly unique is that the new mother is dressed in her complete military uniform.

The baby, wrapped in military camouflage, also became a part of this touching moment.

As @kaxandre7 happily moved to the beat of “Calling My Name (I’m A Soldier),” a song by Ebuka Songs, her newborn baby watched with wide-open eyes, appearing curious about her mother’s actions.

Many netizens took to the comment section to shower the video with likes, comments, and shares, with many praising the soldier’s dedication to her roles as a mother and a member of the armed forces.

Netizens Reactions…

@Juneabby said; “What does the baby say in this? It’s the way it’s wrapped that keeps me there.” 

@kenterlyvelcy reacted; “From the womb, this baby is enduring under this girl.”

@Sayoo0308 reacted;”Let’s focus on how to wrap the baby.”

@Montrevil Myrlise said; “Please tell me her grandmother’s reaction after the video please.”

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